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I am a Grand owner since Easter 2006 and I love it!, the boat is based in Normandy front to the Channel island (Jersey & Guernsey). We often enjoy the company of Dolphin, playing with us.
This boat was like a dream for me to combine safety for my two sons (13& 9), the sea condition are often shaky but the hull is doing perfect and very comfortable. Recently with having half tank of petrol with one friend we pass over 50.5 Knot on quite water and this is GREAT fun, competing with other friends having Narwhal 750, Capelli 625, Loma 5,80; Valliant 6.20; This boat is incredibly safe!
The hull is fantastic in this king of sea and I would not change this boat for another one except for a 7,50Meter or more if Grand decide to make it available one day - another challenge.

Best regards to all.
The happiest Grand owner in France.
Philippe Leroy


When we were talking to you at the 2007 Toronto Boat Show we told you how pleased we are with our Grand dingy. It's the perfect size to take along on our 25 foot Rosborough. The two of us can easily get it up onto the roof of the boat and down into the water. It's just held in place on the roof with bungee cords when we're not using it. The four attached photos were taken along the Rideau in July 2004.

Happy boating,
Dennis and Patricia Mighton


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  Carol and I arrived at the International Boat Show in Toronto January 2004. We had spent 2 summers with a tender behind our cruiser. The tender made many marks and scrapes on our boat. We decided to buy an inflatable.
  We had an 11-foot inflatable that we had towed some years back with a 15 hp on the back. Nice boat but always losing air. We looked at them all, in the main display area. We ended up in the Annex and came across Grand Marine's Display. A well-dressed gentleman approached us and told us all about his boats. He was very knowledgeable and not pushy. We decided on the S275 a super little boat of 9 feet that could be mounted on our swim platform. We wanted to think about it and they kept the price until the end of January. We bought it over the phone at the end of January, and the boat was delivered prior to boating.
  We are off all summer and had a great chance to test the S275. We ended up towing it with the motor on most of the time. It tows great! Use a floating rope with the boat about 25 feet behind. On a long cruise we took the motor off.
That little boat got used more than our cruiser. It was absolutely fantastic. We have a Mercury 9.8 on the back. At full throttle in a tight turn with 2 people, it holds in and stays flat. It holds groceries, ice, 5 gallons of fuel and 2 people with gear. You can take it where there is water. Just tie it up to the side of the boat when stopped or getting fuel. No damage to either boat. Easy to get in and out of. When people see it they want to know all about it. When we go visiting our greeting is always “Grand”, on the bow and the sides. By the way, we finally tried to put air in at the end of the summer. It was inflated to proper pressure and would take none.
Last year we went up the Rideau Canal and towed the boat. We spent the rest of the summer in the Thousand Islands. This year we are keeping our boats at Gananoque to have a longer summer. By the end of the summer we had seen several Grand Boats in that area.
I know we will see more this year. We love our "Grand"!

Carol & Malcolm Stokes, Canada



Hello, We have a great summer holiday on the croatian adriatic seaside, exactly on the island RAB. We cruise several times with our grand S470L to some great beaches and get a lot of fun with our equipment. Only the engine has had little bit less power - only 40 h.p. May be 60 or 70 h.p.is a better choice with maximum load of people.)
Next year I will see for more power on my RIB - because with this boat you have everything under control - there are no bad moments on the water. With GRAND is everything in a great shape !
Denis krajacic, Germany

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Haaj !! I am Robbin Willemsen and I come from the Netherlands I got a Grand S370L and here are some pictures, I hope you like them all. Grand is unforgettable, if you are boating it is a good feeling and everybody is looking to you. They all say: "wooauuuuwww"!
This picture is taken on the first day that I have bought him, this is in Giethoorn ( city in the Netherlands, just like Venice in Italia)   I have worked a lot to buy this boat, I am working in a rose nursery and I have much fun with my boat, everything is good. On the pictures are my family (my mother, my sister and me, I am that boy in the red/white shirt and the 2 men are the dealers where I have bought my Grand boat!
Greating Robbin Willemsen, The Netherlands

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This is my Grand S250 at Milton Island (1000 Islands) on the St. Lawrence/Lake Ontario out of Kingston. I have a 6h.p. Mercury on the back and the dinghy gets mounted on the platform of my Prowler Cruiser on davits. Actually, I've used my Grand S250, more than the big boat. It skips over freighter wakes and I've never put it over or upended it yet. (But it's a riot trying) My big boat is called "@SEA.CALM" and the Grand S250 is called "@SEA.CALM 1.2"
There is also my cousin Cam Dickison teaching his daughter Caitlin, how to operate a Grand S250. Picture is taken at Milton Island, Kingston.
John Armour
Kingston, Ontario

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